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Hey, I'm Florian (@phiilu)

I am a Frontend Developer from Austria creating websites & apps using React


Latest Articles

Here are my latest written articles, I hope you like them!
I write about programming and server related topics.

  • Deploy Meilisearch to Fly.io in 5 Minutes

    Meilisearch is an open-source search engine and a great alternative to Elastic Search or Algolia. Fly.io is great global app platform.

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    Published on
  • Password protect your (Vercel) site with Cloudflare Workers

    Use Cloudflare Workers to simply add Basic HTTP authentication to any of your websites even if they are hosted on a service like Vercel or Netlify.

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    Published on
  • Allow your mobile visitors to easier share your articles with the Web Share API

    With the Web Share API you can use the native sharing mechanism of the device.

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    Published on
  • Accessing the Clipboard in Javascript using the Clipboard API

    The Clipboard API is a way to interact with the clipboard of the user in the browser. This API is still an early working draft, but you can already use it today!

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    Published on
  • Use your Raspberry Pi as a Docker server with docker-machine

    In this article, I show you how you can setup docker and control it with docker-machine.

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    Published on

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