up-to-date list of hardware and software I am using on a regular basis


13" Macbook Pro (Late 2016)

Although this Macbook Pro is already a few years old, it still gets the job done! I got the base model and upgraded the SSD to 512 GB and the RAM to 16GB. The only problem I have is the keyboard. But this is a known issue and only from time to time one of the keys get stuck. Annoying, if you keep in mind that this laptop was more than 2000€

Sony WH-1000XM3

The Sony WH-1000XM3 are the best NC (Noise Cancelling) headphones I ever owned. The sound is really good and the NC is even better. I never want to go to the office again without my Sony headphones. They block every outside noise and I can focus on my work. They are that good that I don't even here the doorbell and friends need to call me on my phone and ask if I am at home The biggest limitation is that you can only connect one device at a time. This is annoying when I want to switch between my Mac and my iPhone.

iPhone 8 Plus

Apple Watch Series 3


VS Code





Secretlab OMEGA (Cookies & Cream)


Secrid Slimwallet

In 2019 I changed my normal wallet to a slimwallet from Secrid and it was a really good decision. I hated putting my normal wallet in to my pocket, because it was so thick. Having a slimwallet means getting rid of coins, but that was quite easy for me to do. Paying with card is much faster, keeps my wallet slim and I get nice statistics in my banking app.