This is an up to date list of hardware and software I am using on a regular basis.


13" Macbook Pro (Late 2016)

Although this Macbook Pro is already a few years old, it still gets the job done! I got the base model and upgraded the SSD to 512 GB and the RAM to 16GB. The only problem I have is the keyboard. But this is a known issue and only from time to time one of the keys gets stuck. Annoying, if you keep in mind that this laptop was more than 2000€

Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Coupon)

You probably know this one from MKBHD, but I gotta say it is a very impressive wireless keyboard. I love the color scheme and the RGB backlighting. I use this keyboard for programming on my Mac. It was the reason I learned the english keyboard layout. The english keyboard layout as way superior to the german one and I am glad I learned it. If you are interested in buying one I can offer you 10% off with a coupon I got when I bought it.

iPhone 12

After 3 years I finally upgraded to the iPhone 12 and I love it. It is so fast and the battery lasts twice as long as the one from my old iPhone 8 Plus. Only wished it had Touch ID in addition to Face ID like the new iPads. Face ID is not so great in an era where everyone is wearing masks.

Apple Watch Series 6

I wanted to have an Apple Watch since it came out, but it was way too expensive for me back then. The Apple Watch is just the best fitness device I ever owned and the integration with the Apple ecosystem is just fantastic. I won't want to miss this device in my life again.

Apple AirPods Pro

In 2020 there was this shift in my work-life where I had to start working from home and this was the time I was doing A LOT of meetings over video conference software. This was the reason I decided to buy some AirPods Pro and I never want to miss them again, if I have to do online meetings. My voice was crisp and clean over the wire and no one was complaining about me that they would not understand me. If you are looking for really nice portable headphones, which you can also use as a headset than the AirPods Pro are a really good fit. I know they are a bit pricy, but imho they make my daily life a lot easier.

Sony WH-1000XM3

The Sony WH-1000XM3 are the best NC (Noise Cancelling) headphones I ever owned. The sound is really good and the NC is even better. I never want to go to the office again without my Sony headphones. They block every outside noise and I can focus on my work. They are that good that I don't even hear the doorbell and friends need to call me on my phone and ask if I am at home The biggest limitation is that you can only connect one device at a time. This is annoying when I want to switch between my Mac and my iPhone.


VS Code

My preferred code editor of choice. The amount of extensions and customizability is just phenomenal.


iTerm is just the best macOS terminal application that exists and best of all it is free of charge! Really love the window splitting feature, without having to install and configure tmux.


I am using the free version of TablePlus to check my databases from time to time. Before TablePlus I was using SequelPro, but I had lots of problems with it in the newer macOS and MySQL versions.


Postman is my go-to GUI for making HTTP Requests and documenting my APIs.


Secretlab OMEGA (Cookies & Cream)

I found this company in a Twitch stream and I really love how the chairs looked, so I ordered one and I really like it. Easily the best chair I have ever owned.


Secrid Slimwallet

In 2019 I changed my normal wallet to a slimwallet from Secrid and it was a really good decision. I hated putting my normal wallet into my pocket because it was so thick. Having a slimwallet means getting rid of coins, but that was quite easy for me to do. Paying with card is much faster, keeps my wallet slim and I get nice statistics in my banking app.

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